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Silver For Team Maclaren and Gold for Paige Railey at ISAF Sailing World Cup

Eight Olympic class events raced for medals on Saturday’s finale of the
2013 ISAF Sailing World Cup Miami. Conditions on Biscayne Bay reported
sunny skies with temperatures in the high 60’s and low 70′s, and breezes
from 8 to 15 knots (ENE). It was a triumphant day for the host country,
winning gold medals in five of the events: Sarah Newberry and John Casey
(Nacra 17), Stuart McNay and David Hughes (Men’s 470), Paige Railey (Laser
Radial), Fred Strammer and Zach Brown (49er), and Caleb Paine (Finn). —
Full report:

Final Standings
Paralympic Singlehanded – 2.4mR (17 boats)
1. GBR – Megan Pascoe, 18
2. CAN – Allan Leibel, 21
3. CAN – Bruce Millar, 22

Paralympic Triplehanded – Sonar (8 boats)
1 .NOR – Aleksander Wang-Hansen/Marie Solberg/Per Eugen Kristiansen, 19
2. USA – Andrew Fisher/Mike Hersey/Ryan Levinson, 28
3. USA – Rick Doerr/Brad Kendell/Hugh Freund, 29

Olympic Men’s two person skiff – 49er (16 boats)
1. USA – Fred Strammer/Zach Brown, 4
2. USA – Ryan Pesch/Trevor Burd, 5
3. SWE – Sebastian Oestling/Kalle Torlen, 10

Olympic Women’s two person skiff – 49er FX (8 boats)
1. BRA – Martine Soffiatti/Kahena Kunze, 2
2. USA – Anna Tunnicliffe/Molly Vandemoer, 5
3. USA – Kristen Lane/Molly Carapiet, 8

Olympic Men’s heavyweight dinghy – Finn (28 boats)
1. USA – Caleb Paine,    20
2. CAN – Greg Douglas, 34
3. BRA – Jorge Zarif, 43

Olympic Men’s single person dinghy – Laser (70 boats)
1. SWE – Jesper Stalheim, 36
2. EST    – Karl-Martin Rammo, 50
3. USA – Charlie Buckingham, 54

Olympic Women’s single person dinghy – Laser Radial (29 boats)
1. USA – Paige Railey, 20
2. FIN    – Tuula Tenkanen, 34
3. CAN – Isabella Bertold, 40

Olympic Mixed multihull – Nacra 17 (7 boats)
1. USA – Sarah Newberry/John Casey, 22
2. USA – Sarah Streater/Matthew Whitehead, 27
3. USA – Taylor Reiss/Sarah Lihan, 3506-silver-for-team-maclaren.html

The FoundationSilver For Team Maclaren and Gold for Paige Railey at ISAF Sailing World Cup
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Johnny Heineken Named US Sailing’s 2012 Rolex Yachtsman of the Year!

From US Sailing:

2012 Rolex Yachtsman of the Year: Johnny Heineken (Larkspur, Calif.), age 24, has been named the 2012 Rolex Yachtsman of the Year for his dominating performances in competitive kiteboarding, including the Kiteboarding Course Racing World Championship in Cagliari, Italy, where he topped 148 competitors to claim the world title for a second consecutive year. Heineken also proved his racing prowess by besting 45 competitors in the Kiteboarding North American Course Racing Championship in San Francisco and 34 competitors at the Pacific Pilsner Canadian Kiteboard Course Racing Nationals in Squamish, Canada. He set a new course record (14 minutes, 4 seconds) in the Ronstan Bridge to Bridge Race in San Francisco among 58 entrants and rounded out his record by posting victories at PKRA Mexico (20 competitors), PKRA Burn Kiteboarding World Tour (16 competitors) and Copa Mexico Regatta (13 competitors). He finished second at La Ventana Classic (20 competitors) and took third at both the PKRA Beetle Kitesurf World Cup (31 competitors) and PKRA Gold Games Kitesurf (30 competitors).

The selection panel was especially impressed by the fact that Heineken’s racing took him to venues across the globe – including Germany, France and Turkey—where his fellow kiteboarding competitors were considered the world’s best. They also made note that kiteboarding (also referred to as kitesurfing—an athletic surface water sport combining aspects of wakeboarding, windsurfing and surfing and using a large controllable kite to harness the power of the wind) had come into its own as a significant sailing genre. One panelist pointed out that the term “yachtsman,” despite its allusion to the most traditional aspects of sailing, easily befits a sailor with Heineken’s talents and devotion to growing the sport.

“To even be mentioned in connection with this award is an honor; so many of my role models are on the list of recipients,” said Heineken, who was on the Rolex Yachtsman of the Year shortlist in 2011 as well. “But it’s also exciting that kiting has been accepted into the world of yachting. It’s pretty amazing how far the class has come in the last five years and exciting for me to be involved in the development of that.”

Heineken explained that kiteboarding narrowly missed becoming a discipline for the 2016 Olympics and he would be very surprised if it were not included in the 2020 Games. Course racing on kiteboards is mostly windward-leeward with some added reaches at the finish line to bring spectators to J_Heineken YofY 2012 actionthe beach “to watch the fleet going 30 knots.”

“I started kiteboarding a lot later than many of the people I’m competing against, but I did grow up sailing and that’s what has given me a strong background to be a good kite racer,” said Heineken, who took third in the 29er Worlds when he was in eleventh grade, finished fifth in the 2008 49er U.S. Olympic Trials, and served as captain of the UC Santa Barbara Sailing Team for two years. “Typical sailboat racing courses are what we’ve optimized our gear for; it’s the same game, the same tactics, really.”

Heineken added that it’s much harder to learn how to be a good tactical sailor, making quick decisions and dealing with every crossing incident perfectly, than it is to learn to kiteboard. “It’s time on the water just like every other class. You can call it a boat or a board or whatever, but kiting is the only kind of sailing where you’re directly connecting the sail through your body to the board and then to the water via the fins. You’re so involved in the dynamic of making the boat go fast through the water that I would argue it’s the most pure form of sailing.”

Heineken, who was born in Greenbrae, Calif., trains and travels with his older sister, Erika Heineken, age 26, who was runner-up this year for the Rolex Yachtswoman of the Year and shared the top step on the podium with Johnny at the Kiteboarding Course Racing World Championship as the women’s division winner.

Johnny Heineken has a degree in mechanical engineering and works on the mechanical team at Alameda-based Makani Power, an alternative energy company developing airborne wind turbine technology. He is a member of St. Francis Yacht Club, which he praises for helping pioneer course racing for kiteboarding.

Heineken’s 2012 Highlights:

  • Kiteboarding Course Racing World Championship, Cagliari, Italy (1st/148)
  • Kiteboarding North American Course Racing Championship, San Francisco, Calif. (1st/45)
  • Ronstan Bridge to Bridge, San Francisco, Calif. (1st/58 entrants – 14 min 4 seconds, new record)
  • Fall Dinghy & Olympic Classes Regatta, San Francisco Calif. (1st/11 Kiteboards)
  • Ronstan Bay Challenge Long Distance Race, San Francisco Calif. (1st/35 kites/windsurfers – 1:13:51)
  • Ronstan Bay Challenge Course Race, San Francisco, Calif. (1st/18 Kites)
  • Pacific Pilsner Canadian Kiteboard Course Racing Nationals Championship, Squamish, CAN (1st/34)
  • Copa Mexico Regatta, Puerto Vallarta, Mexico (1st/13)
  • PKRA Mexico, Playa del Carmen, Mexico, (1st/20)
  • PKRA Burn Kiteboarding World Tour, Istanbul, Turkey (1st/16)
  • La Ventana Classic, Baja, Mexico (2nd/20 Kites)
  • PKRA Beetle Kitesurf World Cup, Germany (3rd/31)
  • PKRA Gold Games Kitesurf, Hyeres, France (3rd of 30)
The FoundationJohnny Heineken Named US Sailing’s 2012 Rolex Yachtsman of the Year!
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Erika Heineken and Johnny Heineken #1 in Kiteboard Racing World Championship

Caglari, Sardinia, Italy, October 7, 2012

After four days, the Kiteboard Racing Word Championship concluded in the waters of the Poetto Beach.  Erika Heineken, finishing just one point ahead of the 2011 champion Steph Bridge from Great Britain, has become the new female world champion. Johnny, younger brother of Erika, was confirmed world champion, followed by San Francisco bay area local Adam Koch and Frenchman Julien Kerneur.



Erika  Heineken (USA), punti 4

Steph Bridge (GB), 5

Caroline Adrien (FRA), 10

Nayara Licariao (BRA), 13

Christine Boenniger (GER), 15

Elena Kalinina (RUS), 19

Katja Roose (NED), 22

Alice Brunacci (ITA), 30

Lilian De Geus (NED), 31

Justina Sellers (NZL), 32



John Heineken (USA), 1-2-1, punti 4

Adam Koch (USA), 3-1-2, 6

Julien Kerneur (FRA), 6-3-4, 13

Riccardo Andrea Leccese (ITA), 2-6-5, 13

Maxime Nocher (FRA), 7-4-3, 14

Bryan Lake (USA), 5-5-6, 16

Florian Gruber (GER), 4-8-7-,19

Olivier Dansin (FRA), 8-7-9, 24

Dave Robertson (NZL), 9-9-8, 26

Wilson Veloso (BRA), 10-10-10, 30



editorErika Heineken and Johnny Heineken #1 in Kiteboard Racing World Championship
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St. Francis Yacht Club First to Renew Commitment to Yacht Club Partner Program

First yacht club partner of Olympic Sailing Program for 2013-2016 Olympic cycle

Portsmouth, R.I. (July 9, 2012) – Building upon its support of the 2012 US Olympic and Paralympic Sailing Program, the St. Francis Yacht Club becomes the first gold medal partner yacht club of the 2013-2016 Olympic cycle. The club’s generous donation of $100,000 to the program demonstrates its leadership in the sport of sailing and dedication to the Olympic movement.


“The US Olympic Sailing Program has a very generous friend in the membership of St. Francis Yacht Club,” said Dean Brenner (Wallingford, Conn.), Chairman, Olympic Sailing Committee. “Their significant donation allows our Olympic and Paralympic athletes to devote more time on the water in pursuit of medals. We are grateful for the club’s leadership and steadfast involvement in Olympic sailing in the U.S.”


“The St Francis Yacht Club is delighted to continue its tradition of supporting US Sailing’s Olympic Sailing Program and of helping produce fine Olympic athletes,” said Peter Stoneberg, Commodore, St. Francis Yacht Club. “We thank the America One Foundation and St. Francis Sailing Foundation for their support of our Gold Level partnership with US Olympic Sailing.”


St. Francis YC has a long history of generously supporting the Olympic Sailing Program. The club has hosted several world and national Olympic class championships, and in 2000, it hosted the U.S. Olympic Sailing Trials. Leading up to the 2008 and 2012 Games, the club made a generous gift to the program, while providing individual assistance to individual Olympic hopefuls and members of US Sailing Team Sperry Top-Sider. In 2008, the club hosted a farewell dinner for the U.S. Olympic Sailing Team before they headed to Qingdao, China, the venue of the 2008 Olympic and Paralympic Sailing competitions.


Members of the club have deep Olympic class roots, including notable Olympians:

  • Zach Railey (Clearwater, Fla.), 2008 Olympic silver medalist in the Finn class
  • John Kostecki (Novato, Calif.), Will Baylis (Tiburon, Calif.) and Bob Billingham (Grass Valley, Calif.), 1988 Olympic silver medalists in the Soling class
  • Pam Healy (Tiburon, Calif.), 2000 Olympic bronze medalist in the Women’s 470
  • Kent Massey (Santa Barbara, Calif.) and Jim Barton (Kentfield, Calif.), 1996 Olympic bronze medalists in the Soling class
  • Paul Cayard (Kentfield, Calif.), who finished fifth place in the Star class in 2004
  • Russ Silvestri (Tiburon, Calif.) who finished fifth place in the Finn class in 2000


In addition to Zach Railey, other St. Francis Yacht Club members of the 2012 US Sailing Team Sperry Top-Sider are:

  • Paige Railey (Clearwater, Fla.)
  • Farrah Hall (Annapolis, Md.)
  • Molly Vandemoer (Stanford, Calif.)
  • Genny Tulloch (San Francisco, Calif.)

Since 2010, US Sailing’s Medalist and Yacht Club Partner programs have raised over $2.5 million in support of USA’s most promising sailors in the 10 Olympic and three Paralympic classes selected to compete in the Games. For more information about the Club Partner Program, please visit US SAILING’s web site:


About the US Sailing Team Sperry Top-Sider

The US Sailing Team Sperry Top-Sider is managed by the United States Sailing Association (US Sailing), the national governing body for the sport of sailing and sailboat racing. The top boats in each Olympic and Paralympic class are selected annually to be members of the US Sailing Team Sperry Top-Sider. US Sailing supports these elite athletes with funding, coaching and training. The title sponsor of the team is Sperry Top-Sider; other sponsors include Rolex Watch USA, Atlantis WeatherGear, LaserPerformance, Harken Team McLube, Bow Down Training, New England Ropes and Trinity Yachts.


The United States Sailing Association (US Sailing), the national governing body for sailing, provides leadership, integrity, and growth for the sport in the United States. Founded in 1897 and headquartered in Portsmouth, Rhode Island, US Sailing is a 501(c) (3) non-profit organization. US Sailing offers training and education programs for instructors and race officials, supports a wide range of sailing organizations and communities, issues offshore rating certificates, and provides administration and oversight of competitive sailing across the country, including National Championships and the US Sailing Team Sperry Top-Sider. For more information, please visit



The FoundationSt. Francis Yacht Club First to Renew Commitment to Yacht Club Partner Program
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Farrah Hall Qualifies USA for RS:X Berth at 2012 Olympics


Farrah Hall (Annapolis, Md.) qualified the USA for a Women’s RS:X berth at the world championship, completing full qualification for the country at the 2012 Olympic Games.


 “Our team is excited that we have now qualified for the Games in all Olympic and Paralympic Classes,” said Dean Brenner, Chairman, US Sailing’s Olympic Sailing Committee. “Farrah did a great job, and we’re proud of the fact that we’ll have a full squad in Weymouth.”


 Hall was equally pleased with her performance at the Worlds and qualification. “I feel that I’ve met my goals for this event, and I’m really happy to have finalized my Olympic spot,” she said. “We had a really tough event, and I’m relieved that it’s finally over! I’m also happy that I’ve made a real breakthrough in planing conditions.  I still need more practice in survival conditions to learn technique, but now I’ve got the mentality that I can dominate the equipment and sail aggressively and make maneuvers without fear in 30+ knots. Going to the Olympics this round really means that I’ve found some success. I’m excited to be representing the USA at the Olympic Games and I feel that I have the chance to make a real impact as far as results go.”

editorFarrah Hall Qualifies USA for RS:X Berth at 2012 Olympics
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Paige and Zach Railey Make US Olympic Team!!

Congratulations to Paige Railey and Zach Railey, who will represent Team USA in the 2012 Olympics, Paige in Laser Radial, Zach in Finn.  Mom Ann Railey says”..Our entire family wants to thank everyone for their support and best wishes throughout this process….as Zach always says, they may sail a single-handed dinghy but it is a TEAM effort that makes it happen!!” StFSF is so proud of Zach and Paige and will continue to support their efforts moving towards the 2012 Olympic Games.

editorPaige and Zach Railey Make US Olympic Team!!
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StFSF Sailors Rolex Yachtsman/Yachtswoman of Year Finalists

STFSF athletes IKA Kite Course Racing World Champion Johnny Heineken and Finn U.S. National Champion Zach Railey; and Kiel Week Laser Radial Champion Paige Railey are shortlisted for US Sailing’s 2011 Rolex Yachtsman and Yachtswoman of the Year awards, respectively. The winners will be announced in mid-January and honored on February 22, 2012, during a luncheon at the St. Francis Yacht Club

editorStFSF Sailors Rolex Yachtsman/Yachtswoman of Year Finalists
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Night with the Stars Auction

This year’s auction will be held on March 27th, 2012 at the St. Francis Yacht Club. We are excited to offer a fabulous menu which will be served in our newly renovated dining room upstairs with the best view of San Francisco Bay and Golden Gate Bridge. As always, we will have our stars–Olympians, world champions, America’s Cup veterans and other sailing dignitaries in attendance. This always provides great stories, entertainment and lively discussions for all!

The Night with the Stars is open to all sailing enthusiasts who would like to support the beneficiaries of our foundation. We look forward to another exciting and successful event.

St. Francis Yacht Club members can register by calling the St. Francis Yacht Club front desk at 415-563-6363 or online at Non members may contact for registration information.

The FoundationNight with the Stars Auction
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