Community Grantees

The St. Francis Sailing Foundation is proud to support the sailing community by providing grants to other non-profit organizations in the Bay Area and beyond. It also supports other sailing organizations that provide training, clinics and classes with a broad focus and greater reach outside the Bay Area which allow sailors to aspire to the highest level of competition. Such grant recipients include the US Sailing Team, FAST USA, the Women’s International Match Racing Association.

Treasure Island Sailing Center (TISC) – Since 2013 over 8,300 San Francisco public school 4th grade kids have sailed and learned about the Bay in Set Sail Learn STEM programming at TISC. The Foundation has also partnered with NOAA and 11th Hour Racing to help pilot and sustain TISC’s new 5th grade program, Sailing to Save the Sea (SSS), a 5-day curriculum centered around the Bay Area watershed environment.

Call of the Sea utilizes both the 82′ schooner Seaward, and the newly launched 132′ brigantine Matthew Turner as teaching platforms for kids and adults offering unique maritime experiences and adventures.

The Blue Water Foundation reaches some 500 Bay Area kids annually helping disadvantaged youth discover success through sailing teamwork and having fun exploring a healthy alternative to drugs, alcohol, and gangs.

Bay Area Association for Disabled Sailors (BAADS) operates from San Francisco’s Pier 40 with a fleet of keelboats that are specially rigged with adaptive features to make sailing the Bay possible for people with disabilities

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