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Laser-Focused: Talia Hamlin Wins Leiter Trophy

At the US Junior Women’s Championship hosted by the California Yacht Club, Marina Del Rey, July 20-24, 2022, Foundation grantee Talia Hamlin (SFYC) took first place in the ICLA 4 class, competing for the Nancy Leiter Clagett Memorial Trophy. Hamlin, 14, easily ruled the regatta with a final score of 9 points, a solid 7 points ahead of second place winner Hailey Thompson (SFYC) who finished with 16 points. On day 1, Hamlin’s results over four races were 1, 1, 2, 5. Over three races on day 2 she scored 1, 2, 3. Sailing the shifts put Hamlin in the right position, as did paying attention to conditions.

“Both days had light breeze as we towed out, medium breeze as we started, and medium-heavy breeze halfway throughout the day,” Hamlin reported. “The breeze would start right-favored, then clock left throughout the day. Both days there was swell and chop, while the first day was more choppy, and the second had more swell. Both days had no current.”

Hamlin is one to watch out for, following an outstanding performance earlier in the year when she finished 21 overall out of 148 at the ICLA Youth Easter Meeting in Riva Garda Italy, and notably, the first woman under 16. The 14-year old, from Mill Valley, Calif., is a 9th grader at the California Pacific Charter School. Over and above her natural ability on the water, she has a great attitude which is sure to take her to the next level on the ICLA circuit.

“I’m always learning and always stay positive,” she smiled. ” I don’t give up under any circumstances!”

Hamlin is currently in Portugal preparing for the 2022 ILCA 4 Youth World Championship, racing starts on August 15.

Read Hamlin’s US Junior Women’s Championship report here: Report Talia Hamlin US Junior Women’s Championship July 2022 


Michelle SladeLaser-Focused: Talia Hamlin Wins Leiter Trophy