The St. Francis Sailing Foundation raises and grants money to deserving sailors and organizations that promote sailing, racing competition and maritime education.

The St. Francis Sailing Foundation is a 501(c)(3) charitable organization with EIN 94-2956977.  It was created to encourage, promote, and enhance the sport of sailing. It provides support to young sailors just beginning their sailing careers, competitive sailors as they advance, and elite sailors seeking world class competition. Additionally, the Foundation assists various programs that introduce sailing to students, underserved youth, and individuals who face physical challenges. These programs include: Set Sail Learn, which is run by the Treasure Island Sailing Center with the Foundation its primary sponsor; Community Sailing of Alameda; Call of the Sea; Envision Academy Sailing Team, and Bay Area Association of Disabled Sailors (BAADS).

Annual grants typically consume 100% of the net proceeds from fundraising events and contributions from individuals. The Foundation must finance its mission and provide for the future. Thus, income from its investments, including both the Tom Allen Endowment and our General Fund, is used as necessary augment grants from donations, pay administration expenses and add to investments. The Foundation regards reinvestment of income as the most prudent way to enhance its financial strength and maintain meaningful grant-making. Over time, the Foundation hopes to reduce or eliminate its reliance on fundraising events and periodic solicitations by financing its mission solely with income from investments.


The St. Francis Sailing Foundation, formerly the St. Francis Yacht Club Foundation, was established in 1985 and is the preeminent Foundation of its kind in the country’s sailing community with a long tradition of leading the development and funding of Olympic sailors.

The founders were Paxton Davis, William Hoehler (currently Secretary), Bill LeRoy, Jim Kennedy, and Tom Allen. Past presidents include Paxton Davis, Bill LeRoy, Jim Cascino, Bob Billingham, Carolyn Patrick, Bill Kreysler, and Pamela Healy.  Rolf Kaiser is the current president. The Foundation accomplishes its fund-raising goals through individual contributions and an annual auction event. It’s grant-giving recipients have included Olympic sailors, junior sailors, community outreach programs, handicapped sailors, and regattas.

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