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Paine Looks To Next Phase of Sailing Career With American Magic: Retires 2020 Olympic Campaign

Caleb Paine, Foundation grantee and Olympian (Bronze Medalist in the Finn, Rio 2016) has announced that he will end his campaign for the Tokyo 2020 Olympics. For now, he plans to focus on his role as grinder on American Magic and the 36th America’s Cup. His decision comes at a time when there is so much uncertainty in the world including the future of the 2020 Olympics rescheduled for 2021. With still an Olympic trial for the Finn in 2020 to be sailed, a potential timing conflict between that event and Paine’s commitment to American Magic spurred his decision.

“I knew that the Olympic trials were going to be scheduled during a time when I’d probably be in New Zealand for the America’s Cup,” Paine said. “In talking to Terry and the American Magic team, it would not be possible to be going back and forth to New Zealand, especially not now. It was also just a matter of timing with my career in sailing and other things I have set out to do. I just felt like now was the right time to start a new chapter in my journey of this sailing I am doing.”

While double duty had its challenges, Paine said working on both campaigns was all the easier with both the US Sailing Team and American Magic very supportive of his endeavors. “Whatever I decided to do, they were entirely on board with that. It was an easy situation in all reality,” Paine said.

Noting that the next Olympic Games will also mark the end of the Finn era, Paine is happy that the opportunity to represent the US in the Finn will go to another Olympic hopeful.

“I will say medaling at the last Olympics definitely made this decision a little easier than it probably would have been otherwise. It was awesome to have had the opportunity and now for someone else to have that opportunity.”

American Magic hopes to be back on the water in July and Paine’s waiting for the green light to get back to work. “I’m keeping as healthy and strong as possible so that when the opportunity comes, I can be ready to be back with the team,” Paine, clearly excited, noted.

The Foundation has played an important role in Paine’s development as a sailor and he’s looking forward to continuing his involvement with its community on some level.

“The Foundation gives individuals who have dreams and aspirations to be successful in events like the Olympics,” Paine said. “Without their support and encouragement, many of these athletes would not be able to do what they need to do or represent the US at the Olympics. Without the Foundation’s support, my Olympic dreams would not have been possible, and I owe a great debt to their kindness and support.”


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Michelle SladePaine Looks To Next Phase of Sailing Career With American Magic: Retires 2020 Olympic Campaign