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What’s the deal with kiteboarding in the Olympics?

Kitesurfer Daniela Moroz has the distinction of holding four Hydrofoil Kiteboarding World Championship titles and has twice been honored as US Sailing Rolex Yachtswoman of the Year. She’ll be a sophomore this fall at the University of Hawaii, working on a double major in International Business and Marketing, but since all her classes are online and all fall sports at school are canceled, she’ll stay with her family in the Bay Area and work remotely from home. She’s enjoyed being home this summer and has used Covid as an opportunity to take a break from kiting and focus on other things.

“I was feeling really burnt out from racing so it’s been nice to have the time off,” she said, adding, “It will be nice to have the time at home this fall!”

With an eye to the 2024 Olympics, (although 2024 events have not been confirmed, the IOC is supposed to do so by December), Daniela’s posted a video talking about the new Olympic sailing class: kitefoiling, which will make a first appearance at the 2024 Games. She answers many popular questions about the development of the sport, the Olympic format, equipment, and fleet growth.

“I think the most exciting thing in kiting right now is just thinking about how the next four years will be leading up to the Olympics. There will be a lot of changes that will happen with regards to professionalism and competitiveness and I’m sure there will be more that we don’t see coming! It’s a really exciting time for the sport as a whole and I’m really grateful to be a part of that.”

Credit: Alex Schwarz

Michelle SladeWhat’s the deal with kiteboarding in the Olympics?