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StFYC Juniors Ace Nacra 15 Midwinters East

By Kimball Livingston

Congratulations to Jack Sutter and Charlotte Versavel who took first place in the Nacra 15 Midwinters East (hosted by Southern Yacht Club, New Orleans, LA). The regatta is also the first installment of the youth worlds qualifier that will be hosted by StFYC in March in conjunction with the Spring Dinghy Regatta.

It’s been a journey. Jack and Charlotte have worked assiduously, believed earnestly, and never wavered from their commitments as team mates while growing through their middle-teen years (!). These are young people we are proud to claim as our own, even as we share them with our friends at Richmond Yacht Club. Coach Adam Corpuz-Lahn has been with them every step of the way, through regattas, clinics, broken parts and minor meltdowns, and by way of his involvement is now the Nacra 15 class president.

Kudos also to Pam Healy for her on-the-water coaching, life coaching, national-level politicking and relentless inspiration.

It was a one-point win. This is a time to celebrate, but not to rest. JJ Smith and Will Murray came on strong. They were unknowns to most of us, but a very little bit of online searching led me to say to myself, Self, I reckon if you’d been paying attention to youth sailing in Florida, you’d have known these names. I won’t need a manicure for a month . . .



Michelle SladeStFYC Juniors Ace Nacra 15 Midwinters East