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Pamela Healy Elected to US Sailing Board of Directors

The St Francis Sailing Foundation is thrilled to announce that Pamela Healy, our fearless and hard-working leader for the past three years has been elected to US Sailing’s Board of Directors. Pamela,1992 Olympic Bronze Medalist and 1991 World Champion in the 470, will serve as US Sailing’s Sailor Athlete Director. The Sailor Athlete Director, mandated by the USOPC and the Amateur Sports Act, serves as the voice of active racing sailors in the U.S.

“I am truly honored to serve as a Sailor Athlete Director to US Sailing,” Healy commented. “I look forward to bringing my experience as a competitor, passionate volunteer and leader to the Board. I’m excited to see so many Board members representing the West Coast and look forward to working together to improve the sport and US Sailing membership experience. With the LA 2028 Games on the horizon, it will be exciting to be a part of a movement to showcase our sport and expand participation!”

Pam led the Foundation through the most challenging of times with grace, confidence, and her signature great smile. We look forward to continuing to have her skill and experience in our midst as she takes on this new role. We wish her all the best – go get ’em Pam!


Just some of the things I love about working with Pam:
– Her ability to stay calm and focused on the long-term goal — no matter how stressful the short-term situation.
– Her mentorship of young Olympic hopefuls — she really cares about the athletes as people and wants them to succeed in life as well as on the racecourse.
– Her generosity with her time — since she’s so organized and efficient, her time is incredibly valuable! – JJ Fetter

 In my post-commodore endeavors, as Staff Commodore Ambassador to Youth Sailing, Pam has been my greatest ally and friend. But we’re still competing to see who is the bigger mother hen. Kimball Livingston

Navigating a nonprofit through a pandemic and coming out stronger takes a skipper with experience, commitment, a steady hand and a clear unwavering vision. Thanks to Pam the St Francis Sailing Foundation had all of these in Pam. USS is fortunate to have her on their board. – Bill Kreysler

If our top sailors had a fairy godmother, it would be Pam. She knows what they need and works hard to get it to them. She is in the executive suite and on the front lines. She turns her ideas into reality. – Bill Hoehler

Pam is the ultimate mentor- she gives beyond her own interest and truly invests in others. Whether it be the youth sailors she encourages, the next generation leadership she gives her time to in the sport of sailing, or simply the time she takes to build community around the sport, Pam is a guiding light in the sport across the country. – Michelle Harris

Pam has been an inspiration to the entire board of the St. Francis Sailing Foundation with her tireless commitment to fulfilling our collective mission to sailors at every level. She set lofty goals only to exceed them at every turn. Her leadership and legacy will be returning dividends to the sport for decades to come. – Sean Svendsen

Pam Healy will be an awesome addition to US Sailing’s leadership. Pam’s vision, energy, and passion for sailing and sailors are nearly unparalleled.  We will all continue to benefit from her efforts going forward. – Paul Heineken

Pam is a fearless advocate for young sailors. She knows what it takes to further the sport and patiently and determinedly works to accomplish it. It has been a pleasure to work with her. – Beth DeAtley

Pam is responsible for interviewing all Junior Members for the Membership Committee at St.FYC. The excitement and passion she shows talking about all of the young sailors is infectious. – Andrew Lorenzen

Change is always difficult, our loss is US Sailings gain. Pam has shown amazing advocacy skills for competitors, she’s absolutely perfect for her new role at US Sailing. It’s a win for everyone who supports sailing! It’s been an honor to serve on the StFSF BOD under Pam’s leadership. – Moe Roddy

Pam is a “get it done” woman. It is great to have her on the Team @ US Sailing! – Paul Cayard

Pam Healy is a tremendous leader in our sport and a tireless advocate on behalf of our next generation of sailors. Pam took the St. Francis Sailing Foundation to new heights, making grants work harder for our future Olympians, building out training programs that are taking youth sailors to the next level and providing life-changing experiences for children in underserved communities. It is only fitting to have her join the Board at U Sailing to help support and reach more young people across the country. – Stephanie Martin

US Sailing is lucky to have Pam in the role of Sailing Athlete Director. Pam will bring the same passion for expanding the sport of sailing that she has shown over the past three years as leader of the St. Francis Sailing Foundation. – Rolf Kaiser

Pam lives and leads with grace and passion. She has a selfless commitment to promoting the development of sailing, particularly re: getting women on the water. Whether engaging support, celebrating successes of others, planning a party like she’s on reality TV, or showing folks the ‘ropes’, so to speak, on a boat, Pam’s gifts for communication, engagement, and organization shine. Although she is a longtime contributor to our community, she had a special impact on the foundation, thanks to her tenure as president. – Elizabeth Little

Congratulations Pam!
Pam has been an incredible asset as president of St Francis Sailing Foundation, and an avid volunteer at Treasure Island Sailing Center. Since winning her Olympic medal at the 1992 Barcelona Games she has dedicated her life to giving back so much to the sport we all love.  We are very lucky to have someone like Pam dedicate her time, talents, and special experiences to the Board of US Sailing, particularly as we prepare for the 2028 Olympic Games in the USA. – Peter Stoneberg

Pam’s leadership and dedication to the sport of sailing has been invaluable. She has unwaveringly fought to both provide access to the sport as well as to help athletes achieve their Olympic dreams. She is always willing to speak up for what she thinks is right and roll up her sleeves to make it happen. – Molly Carapiet

I can certainly share that Pam is not only an excellent leader, but she is inclusive of everyone involved in the project, the event, the task at hand, whatever it may be. Essentially, to Pam, we all matter, whether we have a big part or a little part in the overall production. She was the perfect team leader as we prepared for the Foundation Auction. Pam is one of the hardest workers I know, and she does it with grace! She is kind. – Natalie Charles

Pam has been a tireless, hands-on advocate for sailors at all levels, from kids who’ve never been on a boat before to World Champions and Olympic hopefuls. She has been a kind and thoughtful leader, mentor, and friend to so many in our sailing community. – Elizabeth Anathan

Pam is a wonderful supporter and volunteer for our youth sailors with years of wisdom to share. Having her voice on behalf of the athletes at US Sailing will be a tremendous asset for sailors. – Katie Pettibone

Pam is fearless and hard-working. She’s also calm and gracious. Her unwavering commitment to the Foundation during such a tough few years has been inspiring: she also makes fun a priority which is so important! It’s been a pleasure learning from her these past few years. Good luck Pam on your next adventure!   – Michelle Slade

Pam’s been an incredible leader for the St. Francis Sailing Foundation, combining a wealth of experience, empathy for the challenges of competing at the highest levels, and a desire to make sailing more accessible to all interested in our sport. – Al Sargent

Pam is a wonder woman! Positive, forward-looking and magnetic with a big, beautiful, engaging smile. We so appreciate her leadership at StFSF and thank her for the years of dedication, belief, and progress.  – Jim Cascino

Michelle SladePamela Healy Elected to US Sailing Board of Directors