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Holiday Greetings to our Foundation Community

Greetings to our St. Francis Sailing Foundation friends and supporters. I hope this letter finds
you and your loved ones well during these trying times. We have all been affected in a variety of
ways, some of us harder than others. I know that when things return to normal, I will never again
take for granted my love of being on the water with family and friends.

At this stage in my life I enjoy sharing the gift of sailing: teaching others how to sail, mentoring
our top athletes and helping them to maintain a work/life balance. I am proud of what the
Foundation does to boldly give back: the athletes and programs it supports impact our sport in a
variety of ways, creating role models and future leaders who enhance our sailing community.

Despite COVID-19 restrictions, in 2020 our Olympic sailors have continued to train, and the
community programs we support including the Alameda Community Sailing Center, Blue Water
Foundation, BAADS and Call of the Sea, have continued to run safe sailing programs for youth
and under-served communities. Our StFYC junior sailors are engaged, connected to the
community, sailing single handed boats and improving their skills. The Foundation’s
sponsorship of the Set Sail Learn program at the Treasure Island Sailing Center adapted and
created an online field trip experience for San Francisco public school kids to stay engaged until
they can safely get back out on the water.

For as long as there is wind, water and sailboats to race, our sport will continue to need the
Foundation. Each year we are committed to granting our total donations received to our athletes
and programming in addition to earnings received from our investment income.

With the postponement of the 2020 Olympic Games our athletes are relying on us more than
ever. We are thrilled that some of our US Olympic Sailing Team athletes, also being StFYC
members, received a generous donation from Foundation advisor Beth DeAtley. These sailors
will compete in the 2021 Tokyo Olympics as part of Team DeAtley. With much gratitude we also
acknowledge Duane and Darlene Hines for their impactful generosity this past year and to those
families who remember the Foundation in their estate planning.

Due to the pandemic, we will not be gathering in March 2021 for our annual auction and
celebration. In place of it, we plan to host a celebration send-off for our Olympic athletes in
summer 2021, with more details to follow later. Rest assured that the Foundation auction will
return in 2022!

We all have charities that we think of at the end of the year, and for me, that hasn’t changed
during the pandemic. I am committed to continue to give back to the sport that I love. Like many
of you, the sport of sailing has formed me into a competitor and made me a part of a community
that I cannot imagine being away from. At the Foundation, we want others to have this common
connection to sailing, where one is always challenged to grow their skills and talents, with the
bonus of lifelong friendships spanning generations. We hope you will consider giving to the
Foundation this year so we can continue to build upon our work – please feel free to contact me
if you have any questions regarding the Foundation or giving opportunities.

Wishing you fair winds, and happy holidays with those you love.

Pamela Healy
President, St. Francis Sailing Foundation

Michelle SladeHoliday Greetings to our Foundation Community